The Coimbatore City Police and Park Institutions are proud to announce

The Drug Free Kovai World Record Campaign has been achieved

We have received
Digital Signatures On the 6th of February, 2024

Our Leading Participants


Launched to spread drug awareness among the youth of Coimbatore by creating a world record, the Drug Free Kovai project is a noble initiative by the Coimbatore Police Department and supported by Park Institutions.

Come join us to create a world record and fight against drug abuse.

Heal Your Mind and Body
Curb the Menace of Drugs
Join this Noble Fight to Rescue the Youth
Intensify Efforts Against the Drug Pandemic

A Safe and Drug Free Kovai


To protect, prevent and rehabilitate the youth of Coimbatore from drug usage and secure a prosperous and healthy future.


Let’s Choose Life, Not Drugs


To spread the message of the fight against drugs to each and every individual and renew commitment to support the vulnerable.

Drugs : An Overview in Numbers

  • Tamil Nadu has filed 1,74,032 cases related to narcotics in 2020. Source

  • 16,012 cases were filed against 22,447 persons in 2020.Source

  • 33 properties have been seized worth 17 crores and 3,700 bank accounts have been frozen in 2022.Source

  • In 2023, 12 properties were confiscated from 36 accused while 1256 bank accounts have been frozen.Source

  • Every year, drug abuse has directly or indirectly caused 10,000+ suicides which closely averages out to one suicide being reported every hour.Source

A Healthy Kovai is a Drug Free Kovai


What To Do
What To Do
If Offered Drugs
Reply with a direct and firm “No” to the offer.
Remind yourself of the harmful effects of drug abuse.
If you see drugs being supplied
Take note of the situation but remain anonymous for your own safety.
Immediately call the Police Help Line and provide details.
If threatened by drug users and dealers
Stay calm. Tell them you are not aware of anything and have no interest in such things.
Ensure to make them feel you are not a threat to them.
If you want to withdraw from using drugs
Ask immediate help from close ones whom you can trust. Start or maintain a healthy life by replacing drugs with healthy food.
What Not To Do
What Not To Do
If Offered Drugs
Do not show uncertainty as it can be falsely understood as willingness.
Do not fall for peer pressure to do something you are not comfortable with.
If you see drugs being supplied
Do not react. Remain calm and composed as to not attract unwanted attention.
Do not try to talk to them and make them understand the negative effects of drugs.
If threatened by drug users and dealers
Do not try to do anything heroic, as it may result in a violent retaliation of any degree.
Do not threaten them or evoke any emotion that would make them become agitated.
If you want to withdraw from using drugs
It will be hard in the beginning but do not fall for temptation.Do not let peer pressure keep you in the drug cycle.

Protect Yourself & Your Close Ones from Drugs

Recent trends indicate a snowballing of substance and drug abuse prevalent primarily among youngsters with negative ramifications that affect all walks of life which include psychological, personal, interpersonal, and social aspects.

Drug abuse commonly refers to the use of illegal drugs which pose high risk to a person’s health and through them causes harm to people and their immediate surroundings.

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