A Healthy Kovai is a Drug Free Kovai

Health Implications of Drugs

Psychological Implications

The effects of drugs affect the user dualistically. Primarily, drug usage affects a person psychologically affecting their brain functions, manipulating their thinking and behavior. Drugs possess psychoactive properties such as narcotics, stimulants, hallucinogens and opioids. Cognitive functions take a beating and slowdown. Anxiety, depression, aggressiveness and irritability become part of their mannerism. They tend to develop a passive attitude towards life which fosters hopelessness and kills the drive to realize their dreams. Life becomes mundane and the will to live a fruitful life is replaced with the hunger for drugs. Life’s ambitions are replaced with drugs.

Physical Implications

Severe than the psychological problems, the physical problems pose direct threat to the user’s life. Common physical problems related to drug abuse include but are not restricted to erratic respiration and heart rates, weak immunity systems causing them to fall sick more frequently, chest and lung pain with occasional blood vomiting, frequent nervous breakdowns/ blackouts and hangovers, persistent nausea/diarrhea / stomach pains and impotence. Sharing needles, equipment and substances and getting into habits that put their health at risk pose spread of infectious diseases that could be fatal.